Before taking part in On Demand Classes please read the following guidance:

  • Please be aware that you are participating in this class/workout at your own risk.
  • Ensure that you have a non-slip surface and that you are free and clear of all objects and obstructions.
  • Please avoid activities that you feel may aggravate any current injuries, aches or pains; or any other known medical conditions or concerns.


These classes are all 15 minutes long, perfect to squeeze in to a busy day!

FIND15: Pilates with Jax

FIND15: HIIT Workout with Sam


These classes are all 30 minutes long, for when you have that little extra time!

FIND30: Core and Leg Conditioning for Aerial Hoop with Ana

FIND30: HIIT Workout with Sam

FIND30: Pilates with Jax

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