Get to know: Ivan Niyomugabo

UWE Bristol has an incredibly talented pool of performance sport athletes from all over the world. We caught up with a few of them to find out more about their journey in sport and why they chose UWE Bristol as their home base. Here we chatted with Ivan Niyomugabo, quarterback for the UWE American Football team and Business Administration student.

How long have you been playing American Football?

I was originally born in Kigali, Rwanda in the central East part of Africa. I immigrated to the United States at age three and have resided there ever since. I grew up on the East coast of America and attended the university of New Hampshire where I was blessed with the opportunity to play division 1 football. I have been playing American football for 16 years and will be playing quarterback for the UWE American football team. Ultimately, I decided to choose UWE for its academic reputation especially with the new business school. The head coach for American Football Dan Maher was also a major influence in my decision in coming overseas, he’s taught and showed me first-hand what this beautiful city has to offer, like the widespread multicultural influence along with a diverse city setting which is very welcoming.

Pictured: Ivan Niyomugabo

What is great about living in Bristol?

The great thing about living in Bristol is the ability to travel, within 15min you can be in the city centre or the harborside by the water. Just many options to offer in terms of tourism.

How does the Performance Sport Programme support you?

In my time here so far, I have been given everything necessary to be a top-level athlete. UWE have offered me high level strength training and regular physiotherapy to keep my body in top condition. Even during this rough pandemic time, they have still offered at home video workouts along with regular team meetings.

What is your biggest or proudest sporting achievement so far?

In a quest to achieve more I believe so far my greatest accomplished would be accepting a full-scholarship to play quarterback for the #1 ranked team going into university in the states. And currently I look to do my best and put my team first in the quest for a national championship here in the british premier league.

How do you stay motivated and what are your ambitions?

My only motivation is proving myself right and making my family proud. I will finish my masters degree here in Bristol and will look to take my talents to the next level and become a professional athlete.

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