Get to know: Ti Ojuyah

Hi I’m Ti Ojuyah, 29 and I am doing a Master’s in Financial Technology. 

What sport do you play?

I play American Football and I love the physicality of the game, there are very few sports where your job is to move another person against their will and make your presence felt. Aside from that it is one of the ultimate team sports because most positions in the game are dependent on other positions.

Pictured: Ti Ojuyah

Why did you choose to study at UWE Bristol?

I chose UWE firstly for the course I am on, it is a new course and UWE is one of the few universities that offer it. Secondly, the American Football program here is elite. It is among the top ranked programmes in the nation, and I felt I could take that next step by going through this system. Finally, the great City of Bristol.

What’s great about living in Bristol?

Bristol is a fun and vibrant city with a lot to do at any given point. There are many places to explore, it is a foodie’s dream, and the city consistently passes the vibe check. 

How does the Performance Sport Programme support you?

UWE Performance Sport Programme provides a host of services and benefits that you just do not get in other places. Access to sport rehabilitators and physiotherapists, sports massage, a dedicated and knowledgeable S&C coach, sport and phase specific training programmes, nutrition advice, access to CFS and all its facilities. All these benefits allow me to perform at a high level and remove potential stressors as I undergo my Master’s. 

What is your biggest or proudest sporting achievement so far?

There are three sporting achievements I am extremely proud of. Being selected to represent the GB Student Lions, being part for the 2016/17 BUCS National Championship Team at the University of Stirling and being voted the Team MVP 2018/2019 at the University of Stirling.

How do you stay motivated to train?

It is not always easy to stay motivated and most days I would say my motivation is quite low, but my drive remains consistent. I keep training so that I give myself the best opportunity to succeed, so that I do not let down my teammates and so that my body and mind will never be the reason I lose. You’ll have to be better than me to beat me. 

Tell us about your future ambitions…

My final ambition for this sport is to represent Great Britain at the senior level and I feel that UWE is affording me a great chance and environment for that to happen.

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