Our Instructors: Georgia

Hi I’m Georgia. I teach conditioning on a Tuesday lunchtime, click here for the full online timetable. Here is a little bit about me…

About me: I have been teaching Yoga for 4 years now, all of this time I have been teaching classes at UWE, from the Yoga Society, to MOVE and the Students’ Union, I’ve taught all over campus. My background in Zen yoga allows me to combine traditional techniques with my own flair, we laugh, stretch and relax through the classes together! Through the combination of physical movements and breathing exercises, we move through the classes together before finishing with relaxation allowing you to leave refreshed and relaxed.

Fitness philosophy: Find something that works for you and with you, whatever this may be. Ideally a range of activities is great – even if this is practicing different types of yoga! You can create a tough workout through yoga flows, building strength and stamina and, you can also balance this with Yin yoga and Meditation to bring balance into the body. Find something that you look forward to doing, knowing there is that feeling of accomplishment waiting. 

Favourite food: I’m a big fan of Mexican food – lots of veggies and spices but also love a good bowl of porridge! 

Your favourite exercise: Aside from yoga, I also really love a good circuits class – all about the balance. 

Favourite workout playlist/ music: For yoga, I love this playlist I’ve created over the last few years.

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