Meet Our Instructors: George

Hi I’m George. I teach yoga on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, click here for the full online timetable. Here is a little bit about me…


A little about George: I’m a 3rd year philosophy student and Yoga teacher at UWE with a passion for human movement. I love teaching and seek to imbue my students with the sense of magic and wonder I feel for each day. My Yoga classes via zoom are playful and fun, for anyone at any level who have a desire to unlock their human potential…

Fitness philosophy: BE CURIOUS! Explore the body through conscious connection and take each day as a step towards knowing yourself better, no matter how fit you may feel that day. Make sure you take steps each day to move your body and explore…


Favourite food: Overnight cinnamon oats, topped with frozen fruit, soy coconut yogurt & Utta Nutta peanut butter! (it may sound boring I know, but trust me!). However, when it’s sunny I am partial to cracking open half a watermelon and devouring it with a spoon… too tasty!

Favourite exercise: At the moment it has to be using a flow rope!! I use a weighted rope from OctoMoves but you can use any old rope for this- It’s great for your joints and helps in increasing the range of motion in your arms, shoulders and spine by utilising body mechanics which we don’t normally engage! It’s also a tiring workout and deep meditation, and especially useful at home when there’s not much space to exercise…  (lots online about this if you want to find out how to start training!)

Favourite workout playlist? For Yoga it’s “DubYoga- Flow Class” by George Sargent-Childs on Spotify…

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