Exercise and mindfulness

We’re here with more wellbeing tips for your body and mind.  Take a few minutes to read through the tips below and maybe try them out!

Step counting is a good way to track how active you are in your day to day life, but you may find it harder to keep your steps up at the moment! Get creative to hit your target, take some trips up and down the stairs, go for a walk round the garden or play with a pet. Make some time in your day to get up and about even if it’s only for a few minutes. All activity counts and these small changes can do a lot to improve your mood and keep your body happy.  

Set limits on your social media usage. It’s pretty tempting to spend all day on our phones, especially as new updates are constantly coming out in the 24hr news cycle, but this isn’t always great for our wellbeing. Constant updates can quickly become overwhelming so setting limits to your social media use may be a good idea. You can alter your settings following the instructions in the infographic attached or have a look for an app which monitors your usage and lets you know if you’ve spent too long on one site.  

Stay safe and stay healthy, how are you looking after yourself during this time? Let us know in the comments.  


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