Meet Our Instructors: Claire

Hi I’m Claire. I teach Intermediate Tai Chi on a Thursday at 12:30, click here for the full online timetable. Here is a little bit about me…

Claire class instructor post

Tai Chi is a series of gentle exercises and stretches which allows your body to flow from one posture into the next without pause. Often described as meditation in motion Tai Chi connects the mind and the body to keep you present in each flowing movement.

Fitness Philosophy: Find balance in body and mind. Balance physical fitness with mental alertness and quiet. If you only ever do cardio based workouts, try something slower to focus more on stretching, opening up and cleansing the body. If you only ever meditate, try something physical.

Favourite food: Middle Eastern style mezze and lovely rich stews – anything including aubergines

Favourite Exercise: Tai chi, Qi Gong and Meditation of course

Favourite Workout Music: It’s not really a good idea to play music when you are doing Tai Chi, Qi Gong or meditation. It is too distracting. These are exercises where you are in a mindful meditative place, working with your own body physically and energetically. Something else with external influence is just interference and not helpful! So I like to keep my practice quiet and peaceful.

To take part in a free online class with Claire click here.

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