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Hi I’m Miri. I teach Pilates on a Thursday morning, click here for the full online timetable. Here is a little bit about me…

Miri class instructor post

Helloooo! I’ve been teaching group exercise classes for six years and I still love it just as much as I did when I started – there’s something special about the energy in exercise classes; from meditative, calm Pilates to adrenaline-fuelled HIIT.  When I’m not teaching you’ll find me in a yoga class, bouldering, running with friends or sitting in a café drawing and lesson planning.

My fitness philosophy: I’m a strong believer that fitness is for everybody! It’s one of the BEST things that you can do for your physical and mental health. You don’t have to be the fastest/strongest/bendiest and you don’t even have to turn up every single time; just turn up more often than not and do whatever your best is on that day.

My favourite food: Chocolate. Always chocolate.

My favourite exercise: For me it’s all about variety; sometimes that’s a stretchy, slow Yoga/Pilates, sometimes it’s getting outside trail running or climbing and sometimes it’s the adrenaline of a loud and sweaty spin class. They’re all great in their own ways.

My favourite workout playlist/music: I LOVE my Spin playlists – they’re full of high energy tracks to make you push that little bit extra! Lots of Major Lazer, Galantis and Calvin Harris. For a calmer Pilates class; you can’t beat the beautiful music of Bonobo or Emancipator.

Check out Miri’s facebook page for all the classes she offers.

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