Wellbeing at home

While we all navigate lockdown and adapt to the challenges it brings we’ve collected some tips on how to boost your wellbeing and keep your mind healthy.  

While working from home it can be hard to get your recommended amount of daily exercise. Get creative, try online work outs or classes (we’ve put a few together here), set yourself breaks to stretch and get up from your desk or take a short walk around your house. It all counts!  

Meditation can sound a little daunting to practice on your own, but a little goes a long way. You can bring meditation into your everyday life by being mindful, whether this is while you’re doing the washing up or going on a walk! Take time to focus on the task at hand, for example when you are out on a walk you can stop and listen. Focus on the sounds you can hear, look for the small details you haven’t seen before and let other thoughts to leave your mind. Check our infographic for a meditation exercise you can include in your daily routine.  

It’s tempting right now to stock up on snack foods and give into the temptation of ready meals but putting in a little effort can go a long way. Cooking can boost our wellbeing as we focus on completing simple tasks and create fulfilling meals. Try out this recipe

We hope these ideas help to keep you happy and healthy this week.


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