The New Normal

It’s safe to say that we’re still not quite used to spending the majority of our time indoors, or distancing ourselves from others when we’re out and about.

We’re living through some strange and even unsettling times. It’s perfectly normal to be feeling stressed right now or even overwhelmed, which is why we’re putting together a series of blogs packed with tips to take care of your mind. We want you to look after your wellbeing, whether that means a full body workout or a quiet minute to yourself to feel present.

Our tips:

Keep getting ready in the morning, even if your lectures are online or you can get your work done on your laptop. Having a routine can help keep you grounded and getting ready in the morning sets you up for the day ahead. Try swapping your morning coffee for lemon water to up your vitamin C intake and boost your immune system. Too much caffeine can affect your mood and may even contribute to anxiety.

Set some time aside for yourself each day. Take ten minutes to relax, whether that is sitting in the garden, listening to relaxing music or breathing exercises. Even if meditation isn’t your thing, just sitting quietly for a few minutes and focusing on your breathing can improve your mood.

We hope this has helped you to add some new coping mechanisms to your tool kit.

Take care and we’ll share some more tips next week.

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