Feel Good Feb: Top tips on exercise

Feel Good February is in full swing, offering a month of health and well being initiatives and activities across UWE Bristol to help students and staff get active and feel great!

Our very own Active Lifestyles Officer, Marie Pring, has got some top tips on how you can incorporate feel good exercise into your everyday life…

Short on time?
Why not try a brisk 10 minute walk twice a day. Small, manageable increases of activity are easier to maintain and will give you a regular sense of achievement.

Explore the outdoors
There are plenty of outdoor spaces to explore around Bristol. Spending time outside is also great for your wellbeing.

Do something you enjoy
Exercise doesn’t have to mean going to the gym or playing competitive sport. It could be dancing around the kitchen whilst cooking dinner, playing ball games or taking the dog for a walk. The more fun you find it, the more likely you are to keep going.

Think positively
Try setting yourself specific, maintainable, achievable and realistic goals. You can celebrate any goals you reach, no matter how small.

Pace yourself
Too much exercise all at once could cause injury and makes change less maintainable. Try setting yourself achievable goals each month.

Racing thoughts?
Exercise is a great way to take some time back for yourself and forget about the outside world. Concentrating on something else can turn your focus away from your worries and might help you feel more productive. Why not check out what UWE Bristol Sport and MOVE have to offer for students and staff.

Can’t get going?
Feel Good February is a great opportunity to try something new. It’s a fantastic opportunity to see what UWE Bristol has to offer and to meet like-minded people. We have lots of activities completely free over the next month, so come along and give it a go!

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