Personal Training at UWE Bristol Sport – Mary Styliara

Our newest Personal Trainer, Mary Styliara hails all the way from Greece and is passionate about all thing health and fitness. With over half a decade of experience, Mary can help you achieve your fitness goals in fun and engaging sessions. 

How many years have you been personal training?

I have over six years of experience.

Have you always been into health and fitness and led a healthy lifestyle?

My way of life has always been disciplined without bad habits or addictions. Working out has always been huge part of my lifestyle. That is why I left my engineering career to follow my passion in fitness.

What’s your favourite type of workout-to train your clients and to train yourself?

My favourite type of exercise is HIIT and Pilates, for both my clients and myself. HIIT because it can lead to extreme and fast results and Pilates because it is highly beneficial in terms of postural correction, especially to people with musculoskeletal problems.

What part you think nutrition plays on overall health and wellbeing?

Until you get your nutrition right, nothing is going to change. Nutrition is paramount to my training philosophy.

What’s your go to easy meal at the end of a long day at work?

I am a vegetarian, therefore most of my meals are easy prepare and high in nutritional value. My favourite meal after a long day at work is quinoa salad or avocado/tomato sandwich.

What sets you apart as a personal trainer? Why should people come to you?

I believe the key to achieving a stronger physique is through consistency, proper technique and professional guidance. M

y focus lies on building my knowledge and skills to offer a variety of workouts so that every client receives a training tailored to their specific needs.

Any final words of wisdom?

No matter who you are today, you can always transform your life one workout at a time.

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If you haven’t come across Mary or Sharief in the gym, make sure to give them a wave next time you’re in? Find out more about personal training and contact information on the website.

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