GYM 360 – Turn your weekend around

GYM 360 is UWE Sport’s brand new weekend exercise class, and this is what it’s all about…

360 is a circuits based session led by a senior instructor and set on the Synergy Rig at the Centre for Sport gym. You’ll work every muscle group as well as train elements of cardio and resistance based fitness in this comprehensive 60 minute class.

The beauty of GYM 360 is it’s versatile nature allowing you to adapt exercises to your level and specific needs. Each session will vary based on both the trainer and YOU – feel free to suggests areas you want to work on or just sit back (not really) and let the trainer put you through your paces.

GYM 360 also benefits from being a high energy and motivating group session so you can be inspired and inspire your workout buddies alike!

So why should you join us for GYM 360?

  • If you want a flexible approach to your workout
  • A full body work out that you’ll feel the next day
  • Personalised exercises within a motivating group workout setting

Join us for GYM 360 from Saturday 2 June 2018, every Saturday and Sunday at 9AM and 4PM throughout the summer and turn your weekend around!


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