Staff profile – Holly Symons

When it comes to long distance running (and we mean long distance running), Holly Symons know her stuff. And this year, she’s on a mission to carry on pushing herself and now you can find out how.

Favourite workout:  Running and anything endurance.

Best motivation: Winning and doing anything out of my comfort zone; like running up mountains, across deserts and through jungles (did I mention I like a challenge)!

Goals for 2018: To stay injury free and start training for some big races in 2019, probably a few marathons and trail races as training.

Post workout snack: Breakfast as I normally train first thing, if I have done a long run then I have something sweet.

Cheat day food: I love to bake on a Sunday, normally biscuits or brownies.

What inspired you to work in health and fitness career?

I had an active childhood being brought up on a farm and have always loved being healthy and exercising so it seemed an obvious career choice doing something I love.

Exercise has an amazing ability to just make you mentally feel better. Physical, health and mental well being are crucial for ensuring a long, healthy and happy life in whatever you end up doing.

I always get asked…

“What exercise can I do to get rid of my stomach?” Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that. Nutrition is an incredibly important as well as training your whole body including your core.

When I’m not working or working out, I love:

Watching movies, reading and being out and about with my dog.

What do I love about exercise?

I am a little addicted to exercise and I think alongside coffee, it is the best thing in the world! There is no better feeling to me than a good long run or training session and relaxing afterwards. I love the feeling of being physically fit and strong as well as feeling better in myself and mentally de-stressing.

For more advice about training your core or how to get into endurance running, Holly works in the Centre for Sport various days throughout the week.

To find out more about the Centre for Sport and all our facilities and services, visit the website or find us on the Frenchay Campus today!

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