Staff profile – Sharief Adrissi

Having worked here for over 10 years, you may already know our resident body building fanatic and fitness freak, Sharief Adrissi, but now you can gain a bigger insight into his world of fitness including his favourite workout and hopes for 2018. Read on to find out more…

Favourite workout:  Shoulders and triceps

Best motivation: Steve Cook, he’s a professional physique competitor with 6 national (US) and international titles to his name as well as a YouTube vlogger and fitness personality. Also, my Mum!

Goals for 2018: Be happy, travel more and be in the best shape of my life.

Post workout snack: A banana

Cheat day food: Burger joint

How did I start my health and fitness career?

After retiring from football, I knew I wanted an active job. I loved training in the gym so thought what better job to have. I spoke to a friend that already worked in gym and asked exactly what I needed to become a fitness instructor. That was 11 years ago… Now I have built up my own successful Personal Training business and am a senior fitness instructor here at the Centre.

A healthy body, healthy mind and healthy soul is key to a healthy life!

I always get asked…

How much can you bench brah? Answer, 1000 kg.

When I’m not working or working out, you’ll find me,

playing golf or squash, cooking great food, eating good food, binging on Netflix, travelling or watching football.

The best thing about working out,

feeling amazing, performing better and looking better!

To find out more about body building, you can find Sharif various days throughout the week personal training at the Centre for Sport.

To find out more about the Centre for Sport and all our facilities and services, go on the website or find us on the Frenchay Campus today!

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