4 reasons to get fit this January

It’s 2018 (wahooo) which means setting another obligatory New Year’s resolution which is most likely going to be broken (oh)!

‘New Year, New You’ for the 7th year on the trot, we know the one! We also know it’s a cliche and one that’s very rarely adhered to. But this year, if you want to get fit and stay fit, we’ve four very valid reasons to help you stick to your plan, reach your health and fitness goals and become a more energised and efficient (not new) you!

1. Boost your productivity

Whether your revising for exams, starting your dissertation or applying for jobs, you’ll need a high level of concentration and determination to get it all done. A combination of regular exercise, a healthy diet and a good sleep pattern has been shown to increase energy and focus which will help you to crack on with the hardest of tasks this January.

2. Be more confident

We all know that exercise releases the ‘happy hormones’,¬†endorphins, and if you feel good on the inside, you feel good on the outside. Getting fit will put a pep in your step and give you the confidence to dream big, aim high and achieve success in whatever you desire.

3. Develop good habits

Sticking to an exercise routine might be hard at first but repeating the same behaviour for 30 days can often lead to the formation of a habit. Setting and adhering to regular exercise will not only improve your health and fitness, it will develop your ability to set and meet goals in your work and career and motivate you to adopt healthier behaviours in all aspects of your life. Win win if you ask us!

4. Manage your mental health

Whether you prefer Pilates, sweating it out in the gym or pushing around the punch bag, exercise is a great form of catharsis and stress release, can improve your mood and self esteem and reduce the risk and symptoms of depression. Keeping your mental health in check through regular exercise can have a beneficial impact on your work and social life, improve your mental and physical well being and give you a more positive outlook on life.

So Happy New Year one and all; we hope you stick to your health and fitness related resolution, whatever your goal and have a fabulously happy and healthy 2018!

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