UWE Sport Survivors take on Urban Obstacle Challenge

Last month, three of our UWE Sport members took on the challenge of the Men’s Health Survival of the Fittest urban obstacle race in Cardiff. The team included aspiring physio and keen weightlifter, Laura Farrow. We interviewed Laura to find out the ups and downs (literally) of the course; find out how she got on below.

What inspired you to enter Survival of the Fittest 2017? 

I have previously completed several challenging obstacle runs such as Tough Mudder, Wolf Runs and Rough Runner etc. I really enjoyed these and the challenges I had to face to finish. I wanted to try Survival of the Fittest as I had not done it before.

What motivated you to train for the event?

I enjoy running and also love resistance and strength training. The race incorporated both aspects so it wasn’t difficult for me to stay motivate.

What was the course like? 

The course was different to those that I have done before as it was around the city and on tarmac. I think I prefer races out in the country where I can get covered in mud and water but the urban aspect did provide a difference range of challenges.

What obstacles did you face?

There were many obstacles each testing different aspects of skills such as agility, speed, precision, strength, endurance and psychological state etc. One obstacle which required more mental toughness than physical prowess was ‘the plank’, a 10 foot plunge into water!

What was your most favourite obstacle? 

I enjoyed the water rapids the most and racing in the UWE Sport team.

Would you enter again?

I like trying different races as they present different challenges, next on the list is one of the Spartan races!

Top Tips for Obstacle Races

Utilise your strengths – Choose a race that includes challenges you might already be training for to help stay motivated!

Team work makes the dream work – Race in a team to help you through those pesky obstacles!

Do what you love – Pick a race you think you’ll love whether it be for the obstacles or scenery!

So, do you have what it takes to be a Survivor, Rough Runner or Mudder? Keep your eyes peeled for the next ‘UWE Sport VS’ challenge.

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