From Sailing to Skeleton – Interview with Alex Corby

We heard all about sport bursar, Alex Corby’s current sailing career at the start of the year. But now he’s made a move to the world of winter sports and is hoping to compete in Bob Skeleton at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Read on to find out more!

Sporting History: I have done a bit of everything, most notably football for fun, sailing at an international level and now Bob Skeleton for Team GB.

Favourite way to relax: I like to watch films, my favourite at the moment being Blindside.

Best song to train to: I don’t tend to listen to music while training.

Describe yourself in three words: Focused, determined and cheeky!

You’ve been a competitive sailor and have now moved into Bob Skeleton, how did that happen?

Through fitness testing at UWE I realised that I was quick and powerful and needed to find a sport where these attributes fit well. Kieran (Performance Sport Officer) put me into the UK Sport Talent ID #DiscoverYourGold programme where I initially tried out for GB cycling. While I didn’t meet the requirements for the cycling team they did put me in touch with the GB Skeleton team and to cut a long story short, that is where I am now having completed the testing phases and into the GB squad.

You’re about to leave UWE Bristol with an economics degree, what is next for you?

Mainly training! I train in Bath twice a day, two days a week which is pretty intense. I am also looking to get a flexible part-time job to help fund my sporting ambitions. Ideally this will be in the financial services sector so I can also support my career ambitions to become a financial analyst. Most importantly, the job needs to be office based as it will serve as my rest time in between training.

How do you balance training, work, education and anything else that you enjoy doing?

I have been doing it for a long time so am used to being pulled in different directions. I am able to prioritise well which helps!

You’ve been on the UWE Performance Sport Programme during your three years here at UWE Bristol, how has the programme supported you through your training, education and competitions?

It has helped immensely. It has always been there to help in a pastoral way as well as providing a little bit of financial support. Through being on the programme, I have been able to do much more in my sporting career than I would otherwise have been able to do and progress in my academic studies at the same time.

What elements of the Performance Sport programme did you take advantage of?

All of it! It was great to be able to access strength and conditioning coaches and programmes, physiotherapy and sports massage, a psychologist as well as receiving financial support.

What piece of advice would you offer an aspiring athlete?

Keep working hard and focus on your end goal. Set up your targets through the year and work towards them but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get there.

What’s next, sporting wise for you?

I am aiming to reach the 2022 Beijing Olympics podium in Bob Skeleton but ultimately want to be the best athlete that I can be. I am also still competing in the sailing arena.

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