What do UWE staff exercise For The Love Of?

People exercise for different reasons so this new year, we’re offering 6 month Active Card and Gym Only memberships to students, staff and the community with our For The Love Of campaign.

This week we asked some of the UWE Sport staff team what they do to keep fit and what they exercise for the love of; read on to find out!

Steph Thorndyke – Recreational Assistant

For the love of… team spirit!

I love hearing my team mates cheer me on, or telling me ‘good job out there’ after I’ve worked my hardest on the pitch. It lets me know that all the practice and training is paying off. The best thing about being in a team is that it’s not selfish, you have to put in 110% effort for the person next to you and they’ll give you all their effort in return. 


Kieran Hopkins – Sports Performance Officer 

For the love of… the slog!

I love the feeling after a hill climb where my lungs are on fire and my legs are screaming at me. It’s that point where I’m breathing so hard I can’t breathe. There’s something extremely satisfying about knowing you’ve pushed your body and mind to the limit.


Ella Gibson – Marketing Assistant

For the love of… the adrenaline rush!

I love the thrill of planing down a reach in a force 5 and the anticipation sailing down wind knowing that the boat could capsize with just the smallest change in wind. The sense of accomplishment (and relief) when I make it back on to dry land is amazing and leaves me wanting to do it all over again.

ella-for-the-love-ofSo, whatever you exercise for the love of, make sure you maintain your peak fitness by training with UWE Sport. With access to two fully equipped gyms, over 40 exercise classes a week, social sport and much more, you’ll definitely find something for you!

To find out more about the 6 month memberships available, head to the membership pages of the website or go to the Online Store to purchase yours today!

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