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Trim-trail-monkeybarsWe understand being at university can be tough on finances, and unfortunately sometimes a gym membership is out of the question.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to completely abandon exercise all together.

There are plenty of ways to get fit around Frenchay campus without having to pay – so we’ve written down a few ideas about how you can be Fit for Free.


The Trim Trail is essentially an assault course. If you’ve been at the campus for more than a few days, you may have noticed random logs or climbing frames plotted around the Student Village. This is the Trim Trail! It aims to combine strength, speed, balance, flexibility and co-ordination for a good old workout – and it’s suitable for the majority of people.

There are 10 stations in the trail, including a balance beam, monkey bars, and logs to hurdle over.


This one might seem obvious – take the stairs instead of the lift!

If you’re in and out of lectures all day, there’s a chance that you’ll encounter the stairs VS lift dilemma.  Using the stairs instead of taking the lift can seem insignificant, but it will certainly impact your recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week.

Think about how many times you have to go to your lectures and how many calories you could burn during that time over the year.


The ravine is a big patch of land by the Student Village. There is room for activities such as football, rugby, and jogging. There is also a Frisbee golf course – there are seven baskets that anyone can use at any time (no booking necessary). All you have to do is bring your own Frisbee (a weighted Frisbee is recommended) and head down to the ravine. Or come and collect a free Frisbee from the Centre for Sport!*

disc golf

If you can think of any other suggestions then we’d love to hear from you – add your idea into the comment section below.

*Limited availability

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